WAI-ARIA/NVDAのLive Regionのサポート状況(2009.12.28) http://www.ark-web.jp/accessibility/2411.html


Live Regionサポート

NVDA - #246 (NVDA should handle events other than "show" for live regions)
* supports aria-live:polite,assertive and rude. 
Though currently due to NVDA not having any particular speech prioritization, 
there is no difference between the three.

ん? 割り込みの違いがない?

* Supports aria-relevant:additions,text, all, and not specified.
* Does not support aria-relevant:removed. 
Not sure what exactly to speak here, nore how to handle internationalization
for a word like 'removed' since our in-process code doesn't really have any
internationalization capabilities at the moment.


国際化がどうのこうの... 。どういう意味だろ。

* Does not yet support aria-atomic:true. Technically this isn't too hard to do in Firefox though.


* This support only works in IAccessible2 applications, specifically most best in Mozilla Gecko applications. 
Support for IE or non-IAccessible2 browsers would be completely different,
there is no useful way to abstract this. 

このサポートは、IAccessible2 アプリケーションでのみ動作する。
とくに、Mozilla Gecko applicationsでもっともよく動作する。


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